Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Busy in the kitchen.

Okay, I have been busy in the kitchen today.
Least was making four small pork pies, rather than one large pie.
I also made lime cheese, instead of lemon cheese, I made a basic change to the recipe, and it worked.
The last was a chocolate lime cake.
My reason for trying this out was...I have noticed that the two combined  are a preferred combination.
More tomorrow, but my "creation" seems to hit the mark.

Well, the chocolate lime cake has been well received.  As the recipe that I adapted to make it is an old family recipe, you'll understand why I am not sharing.
What I will say, is if you have an idea for something different, recipe wise, check out the functions of the ingredients and make sure your cake will be balanced, and all ingredients are working together.

Anyone want to suggest a possible "challenge" for this week?